Ancient Roman plumbing unearthed in Stabiae

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have been excavating the Roman villa of Ariadne, the remains of which are located in the city of Stabia, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

As a result of these works, they discovered in the peristyle courtyard part of the ancient water supply system, which is a lead tank with pipes connected.

The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD preserved entire cities in ash. Of course, the most famous among them was the small seaside town of Pompeii, which has been excavated since 1748.

In addition to it, as well as several other towns, for example, Herculaneum, which can be read about in the material “Canned by a Volcano”, Vesuvius destroyed many small settlements and agricultural villas.

One of these towns was Stabiae, located on the shores of the Gulf of Naples. This city existed in the archaic period, but in 89 BC, during the Allied War, the Roman general Cornelius Sulla completely destroyed this well-fortified Samnite point for insubordination.

In the future, Stabiae became a famous resort and a favorite vacation spot for the Roman nobility. Archaeologists have discovered superbly preserved villas here, among which the villas of San Marco, the Shepherd and Ariadne are the most famous.

Ancient Roman plumbing unearthed in Stabiae 2

The Pompeii Archaeological Park announced the results of new excavations that took place in the ancient city of Stabia.

While working in the peristyle courtyard (that is, surrounded by columns) at the Villa of Ariadne, first explored by the Swiss military engineer Karl Weber back in 1757-1762, archaeologists discovered part of an ancient water supply system.

Scientists have found a decorated lead tank, to which pipes are connected. This system was connected to an impluvium (a shallow pool in the center of the atrium) which was intended to collect rainwater.

It is reported that the discovered system supplied water to different parts of the villa. Moreover, the valves on the pipes made it possible to regulate the flow of water or completely shut off its supply.


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