Ancient records and the 1934 newspaper have evidence of dragons

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the modern world, everyone perceives dragons as fictional creatures, symbolizing a happy omen. But what if dragons are not a myth, but real creatures that lived in antiquity? There are many records in historical books and other materials proving this.

According to the book The Huayang Chronicles, published during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, in 219 a yellow dragon flew for nine days in Wuyang County. Later, two dragons (black and white) appeared in the Longshan area, according to the History of the Jin Dynasty.

As soon as Emperor Zhan Huang, the governor of the Early Yan state, found out about the event, he immediately went to admire the creatures. Sources say that he was only 200 steps away from them. The dragons swirled around in the sky, playing with each other, and then flew away.

Mention of the last dragon dates back to 1934. Then, supposedly, the creation fell in the village of Yingkou County (Liaoning Province). The headlines of Shengjing Shibao immediately dazzled with a sensational incident. The remains of the dragon through time presented to the public.

The found dragon looked exactly like in the pictures, but it was only exhausted, even the process of decomposition of its tissues began. The monks read prayers around him, but they did not help him: the dragon soon died. After heavy rain, the dragon’s body disappeared, and it was found several days later, ten kilometers from the Liaohe River (Liaoning Province).

The creature was already dead, it was his remains that people saw. Where his bones are now is unknown.


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