Ancient Mayan city found at construction site in Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — In Mexico, archaeologists have found the ruins of an ancient Mayan city with palaces, pyramids and squares at the construction site of a future industrial park on the Yucatan Peninsula, reports The Guardian.

One of the archaeologists who led the excavations stated that, presumably, more than 4,000 people lived in this city.

“There were people from different social strata… priests, scribes who lived in these big palaces, and there were also ordinary people who lived in small buildings,” the archaeologist said.

Archaeologists also discovered burials of adults and children, they were buried with obsidian tools and other property.

Previously, archaeologists discovered five ancient tombs adorned with well-preserved paintings in a necropolis-cemetery near the capital of Egypt, Cairo, in Saqqara.

The found tombs belong to high-ranking officials of the Old Kingdom and the first intermediate period in the history of Ancient Egypt, dating back more than 4 thousand years ago.

Also in March, it was reported that archaeologists discovered a terrible weapon of antiquity near Tula – two-thorn combat tips that began to spread throughout the forest zone of Eastern Europe.


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