Ancient kilns discovered in Jiangsu province

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese archaeologists in Suzhou / Prov. Jiangsu, East China/ discovered a large cluster of ancient kilns dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty /1127-1279/.

According to Chen Ruijin, deputy head of the Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism of Suzhou City, the excavations were carried out on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3,000 square meters. m and a total of 99 objects were found, including kilns, drying zones, sedimentation tanks, foundations of walls and houses, roads, wells and ash pits, as well as more than 200 artifacts such as gold bars, earthenware jugs and ceramic lamps.

The archaeologists said that according to preliminary analysis, this cluster of ancient kilns could be known as the “Pingjiang Guangyao” pottery workshop, which produced pottery for the imperial court, which has been recorded in ancient literature.

This find provides clues to the location of “Pingjiang Guanyao” and provides new material and evidence for the study of the origins of civilization in the Suzhou region.

It is also of great importance for studying the development and circulation history of the ceramic industry throughout China, said Wang Guangyao, a member of the Gugong Museum.


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