Ancient Greeks were long-lived

(ORDO NEWS) — When historians say that the average life expectancy of people who lived in the antique period was about 30-35 years, they are generally right. However, this parameter takes into account the frequent deaths during childbirth and during regular wars.

If a person managed to pass the threshold of 30 years of age, then his chances of living to old age increased significantly. In addition, the chances were even greater if this person came from a noble family.

The longevity of the ancient Greeks was ensured by a healthy Mediterranean diet, the popularization of physical activity (sports), and proper hygiene and sanitation.

According to the Roman philosopher Lucius Anneas Seneca, the Greek philosopher Plato died, for example, at the age of 81. Isocrates, the famous Greek orator, lived even longer and died at the age of 102 (some sources say at the age of 98).


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