Ancient gold artifacts discovered near Kharkov

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists carried out excavations near Kharkov and discovered a 9th century burial, which has been preserved in excellent condition. In it, experts found not only the remains, but also many artifacts from the settlement of the Alans.

The tomb contained a huge number of coins that were used during the existence of the Khazar Khaganate, as well as various items made of bronze, gold and even wood.

It is reported by “Suspilne. Kharkiv”.

The research was carried out in the village of Verkhniy Saltov. Valery Skirda said that the remains of two women, a man and a small child, were found in the tomb. Surprisingly, scientists found not only the remains of wood, but also leather shoes on the man’s feet. This is extremely rare.

In addition, the catacomb-type grave contained bronze items, gold earrings, buttons and coins, tools and even an ancient ear stick.

Experts noted that there are only four large burial grounds around the village, which are of great interest to scientists. Skirda noted that the artifacts found in the burial will soon be transferred to a museum located at Karazin University. There they will be restored and in the fall everyone will be able to see the finds at a special exhibition.


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