Ancient Egyptians didn’t pull the brain out through their nose to create a mummy, claims an expert who tried the process

(ORDO NEWS) — The ancient Egyptian embalmers most likely did not extract pieces of the brain with hooks, as is often said in history books when they prepared a dead body for mummification.

York University archaeologist and chemist Stephen Buckley conducted a series of brain-extraction experiments on dead sheep to understand how ancient Egyptian priests worked.

As a result, he found that it was quite difficult to extract the brain piece by piece. It’s much “easier to whip the brain with a hook (like a blender) for about 20 minutes, after which it will turn into a liquid, and you can just pour it,” says Stephen Buckley.

The expert also spoke about cases when the brain was left inside the mummy: in particular, this was done during the XVIII dynasty (1550-1292 BC) and earlier centuries.


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