Ancient Egyptian pyramids shone ‘like stars’ 4,500 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — What the pyramids of Giza looked like 4,500 years ago is a mystery. We can only speculate and speculate.

However, according to ancient records that have come down to our times, the completed pyramid, lined with finely polished white limestone, shone like a star visible for many kilometers.

If you ask an Egyptologist about the pyramids of Giza, their history, meaning and purpose, the answer is simple. The pyramids were built as ancient tombs for the dead pharaohs.

In fact, it is the Great Pyramid of Giza that is believed to represent the culmination of the efforts of the pyramid builders. It is the largest ever built in Egypt.

According to Egyptologist Ahmed Fakhri, the Great Pyramid is not only the largest monument of its kind ever built.

But for the perfection of workmanship, precision and beauty, it is the main of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The pyramid has been studied for many years. In fact, Egyptologists have been studying it for over a hundred years.

Despite this, many mysteries remain unsolved. One of the biggest ones is why neither drawings nor texts mentioning its construction have been preserved.

Since the Fourth Dynasty there is nothing that would mention its construction.


You might think that building such a huge structure would require a lot of blueprints. We know that this required a huge workforce.

It required extraordinary planning. It was a huge effort. Not only transporting huge stones, but also stacking them as the pyramid grows.

No archaeologist has a definitive answer to the question of how this was done. Attempts to repeat the construction of the pyramid, although on a smaller scale, have not been successful in our time.

It remains a complete mystery how, for example, the ancient Egyptians transported some of the most massive stones from Aswan.

Aswan was an ancient Egyptian quarry. Some of the heaviest stones for the construction of the pyramid were mined in it.

Interestingly, Aswan is located at a distance of about 800 kilometers from the construction site of the pyramid. Egyptologists claim that massive stones were transported by boat.

Massive stones

Most of the blocks for construction were brought from the Giza Plateau, but others were brought by boat on the Nile.

The cladding was made of white limestone from Tura, and the construction of the King’s Chamber was made of granite blocks from Aswan weighing up to 80 tons each.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the pyramid is the number of stones from which it is built.

It is believed that a total of 2.3 million blocks make up the Great Pyramid. 5.5 million tons of limestone, 8,000 tons of granite and 500,000 tons of mortar were used for the construction. How all this was mined, transported and placed on top of the pyramid remains a mystery.

Egyptologists suggest that the Egyptians did this with the help of huge wooden ramps. Since there is no written evidence of this, we cannot say for sure.

What did the pyramids look like?

What the pyramids looked like over 4,500 years ago is another mystery. Since there is no evidence of original construction describing the pyramids, we cannot know what their appearance was.

However, we can speculate. We can imagine what these huge structures looked like.

Some stories, written after the pyramids were built, say that the Great Pyramid shone like a star when sunlight reflected from its polished surface.

In addition, some stories even say that the Great Pyramid shone so brightly that it could be seen for miles.

I would love to have a time machine and travel back in time to see what the pyramids looked like when they were completed…


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