Ancient Chinese pyramids were created according to the North Star

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(ORDO NEWS) —  Many ancient structures were built according to the stars. China has a whole collection of pyramids. There are about forty of them, and they were built thousands of years ago.

Like the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese pyramids also feature intricate arrangements that experts have not been able to fully understand.

And while the Chinese pyramids may not be as famous or as impressive as the Egyptian ones, they share similar characteristics.

Ancient Chinese pyramids were created according to the North Star 2
Emperor Wu of Han reigned from 141 to 87 BC. and was resting in a pyramid almost 250 meters long

They coincide with cardinal points, but very little is known about them, and there is something that has always intrigued experts.

While some of these pyramids are perfectly aligned to the north, some of the Chinese pyramids have a slight deviation of almost 14 degrees. Some of them were built according to the cardinal points, but others seem to have been built in error.

But is it?

Is this deviation the result of a mistake made by the builders? Perhaps, but one Italian scientist thinks he has the answer.

Italian astronomer Giulio Magli has proposed an exciting hypothesis. Perhaps the builders of the pyramids wanted to send them not to the north, but to the North Star.

According to a study by Magli, who studied more than 40 similar structures, some of the Chinese pyramids were oriented not to the cardinal points, but to the North Star.

Magli took as a basis the movement of our planet, known as the precession of the equinoxes: the axis on which the Earth rotates tilts to one side as it orbits the Sun, pointing to two points in the sky called the celestial poles. This takes about 25,700 years.

This means that if today the North Pole and the North Star are in the same line, then 2,000 years ago they were not in the same position.

And it all starts to make sense. According to scholars, the North Star was the most important celestial object in Chinese tradition, as it was considered the great emperor of the heavens.

That is why some experts believe that some builders of the Chinese pyramids decided to abandon the alignment of structures on cardinal points and correlate them with the mighty North Star.

Using satellite imagery and field research, Magli discovered two “families” of monuments in the northwestern region near Xi’an, along the Wei River.

One family of monuments corresponds to cardinal points – north, south, east and west.

However, the other monument family does not; before, she was guided by the North Star.


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