Ancient Buddhist statues appear in the shallow Yangtze River

(ORDO NEWS) — A stone island with three Buddhist statues has appeared in the shallow Yangtze River in southwest China.

They are believed to be 600 years old and created during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The largest sculpture depicts a monk sitting in a lotus position on a pedestal.

Gu Yunfeng from Chongqing came ashore with his wife hoping to see the statues. It turned out that we had to swim to the island.

Gu Yunfeng, Chongqing resident

“I think it’s a great value, like the Baiheliang Underwater Museum in Fuling District. There you can see the landmark through the glass. I’m not sure it will be the same here.”

In the southwest of China, there is an abnormal heat, so the water level in the Yangtze is falling rapidly. But the current is still strong.

Gu Yunfeng, Chongqing resident

“I didn’t think long before I went, because I grew up by the river. I didn’t think it would be so difficult. I was wearing boots and a T-shirt, and halfway through I suddenly felt a strong current. Swimming has become very difficult.

When the man swam to the island, a new test awaited him – hot stones. I lost my shoes in the river, so I had to wrap my feet in clothes. But Gu thinks the trip was worth it.

Gu Yunfeng, Chongqing resident

“I think our ancestors created this because they wanted to pray for a peaceful life in a beautiful country. They probably also prayed for the local fishermen.”

More than 60 rivers have dried up in Chongqing, according to Chinese media reports. The situation is similar in Europe.

Recently, an ancient dolmen, which is called the “Spanish Stonehenge”, was exposed on a reservoir in Spain.


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