Ancient astrolabe found in Iran’s Assassins’ castle

(ORDO NEWS) — In Iran, archaeologists have excavated the high-altitude castle of Lambsar, which, as is known from written sources, was used for many centuries by the Nizari Ismaili sect.

According to The Tehran Times, the remains of this castle are located in the Alburz Mountains, in a remote area.

This is not surprising, because the castle was used by a sect known to us as the “Assassins” – professional ancient warriors-killers.

It was one of the many high mountain fortifications of the “Assassins”. The discovery made in Lambsar Castle only confirmed the results of previous studies.

So, archaeologists have unearthed a system of powerful fortifications. But the most curious finds were fragments of multi-colored tiles made of turquoise.

In addition, a group of Iranian archaeologists led by project leader Kambiz Kabiri discovered fragments of an astrolabe, an astronomical instrument that was used in ancient Greece.

He served to measure horizontal angles and determine the latitude and longitude of celestial bodies. According to archaeologists, all the finds belong to the middle Islamic period.

That is, they belonged to the Nizari Ismailis, who founded the state of Alamut. It was founded by Hasan-I Sabbah (1050-1124 AD).

He also created a group of military men, a kind of sect of professional assassins, who are first mentioned in a Fatimid document written by Caliph al-Amir around 1120 AD as “hashshashin”.

Subsequently, this name was transformed into “Assassins”.

This group carried out spy missions and assassinated key enemies and public political figures. They are believed to have killed three caliphs, the ruler of Jerusalem, and several Muslim and Christian leaders.

The capital was located in the castle of Alamut, which served as the central base of the “Assassins”.

Lambsar Castle was captured by Buzurg Ummid, whom Hasan-I Sabbah appointed governor of the province and later made his successor. Tiles and an astrolabe were found in the western tower of this castle.


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