Ancient artifacts found in alligator belly

(ORDO NEWS) — In the United States, experts who are engaged in butchering animals have discovered in the stomach of a huge alligator in Mississippi two ancient artifacts that were made before our era.

They took out a part of some weapon, as well as a lever, which, presumably, was used for fishing. Scientists are confident that these finds were made about 5-6 thousand years BC.

This is reported by the Mississippi Clarion Ledger.

Shane Smith, who runs an animal butchery company, said that he had previously heard the story of a dog’s collar being removed from an alligator’s stomach. The man initially did not believe in such a story, but nevertheless decided that it was necessary to check if there was something worthwhile in the stomachs of alligators.

After that, the stomach of the alligator, which weighed 357 kilograms, was thoroughly examined. He was brought from Colombia. They found a ball in it, which did not get there because of the fact that the animal was shot.

In another alligator, which was slightly smaller, experts found feathers, many bones, hair and even stones. Besides, Smith noticed something very strange. It turned out to be a piece of an arrowhead.

The man believed that these artifacts could very well belong to Native Americans. Archaeologist James Starnes continued to study the finds. He explained that the object resembling a brown tip is indeed part of the weapon.

The second object in the form of a tear turned out to be a little more modern and could be used by fishermen to weigh nets, but it was also used before our era.


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