Ancient altar found in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, with its rich history, various archaeological artifacts, small and large, are constantly being discovered.

There are so many of them that there is a whole division that deals with them. This is the Antiquities Authority, whose task is to supervise archaeologists. The important discovery was reported by its representative Amit Reem.

When carrying out work in one of the main temples of the ancient city, for the first time a huge stone slab was moved and unfolded, on which for many centuries pilgrims left various inscriptions with requests and prayers.

It was found that this plate is a fragment of an ancient altar. Numerous writings were applied to its back side, and the analysis showed that in the recesses there was an inlay of semi-precious stones, glass and marble.

Apparently, this is the central part of the altar, which was installed in the 12th century, when the temple was founded.

The patterns combine a mixture of traditional Christian and Islamic styles, according to experts, the find confirms earlier discoveries.

Divine services were held in the temple until the 19th century, until it suffered from a severe fire and was abandoned. Subsequently, modern specialists began repairing and restoring the shrine.


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