Anal swabs taken from Beijing residents to detect COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — A new wave of the epidemic in Beijing forced to resort to a new method of detecting coronavirus – taking a swab from the anus. Previously, doctors limited themselves to swabs from the nose and throat.

The additional test lasts only 10 seconds, but is rather unpleasant. Swabs have already been taken from students, teachers and employees of a Beijing school, in the ninth grade of which a sick student was found.

According to experts, an additional smear eliminates the risk of missing infected people. Today’s tests are notoriously inaccurate; they often fail to see the coronavirus in a clearly sick person. Collecting swabs from the anus is inconvenient, so they are mandatory only for key categories of citizens, for example, for residents who are in places of isolation.

The new demands make the Chinese feel uncomfortable, some do not even want to return to Beijing for the New Year. The new version of disease detection is practiced only in China, which outrages the population.


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