An unusual version of the appearance of drawings on the Nazca plateau in Peru was put forward by scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — It seems that scientists have finally put an end to the debate about “ancient alien airfields” on the Nazca plateau in Peru.

Giant geoglyphs, inscribed on the ground and visible only from a bird’s eye view, have caused burning controversy for more than a dozen years – since they were discovered. For a long time it was unknown how and, most importantly, why they were made.

Proponents of the existence of aliens , of course, rested on the fact that it was either their work, or the ancient Indians applied this markup, giving some kind of incomprehensible signals to aliens from outer space.

Scientists answered the question “how” earlier, when the remains of towers were found at the locations of geoglyphs. Obviously, from them, and not at all from space, they supervised the application of these gigantic drawings, which you can’t make out while standing on the ground.

The question remains: why? Why the colossal labor costs in an era when people sometimes had nothing to eat? But let’s remember at least the ancient Egyptian pyramids…

An interesting theory was put forward by Canadian scientists in the journal Antiquity. They believe that these giant drawings are Inca temple complexes.

These original “road temples” were built at the intersections of important trade routes of ancient Peru. Scientists have recently noticed this connection between ancient tracts and the location of the drawings.

It turned out that they are next to each other, and in their neighborhood a certain system is clearly traced, which for some reason no one paid attention to before.

According to Peter BIKULIS from the University of Toronto, in the open-air temple complexes, which are the drawings, ancient travelers read prayers, asking the gods and spirits for good luck on their way.

Of course, this is just a version. There is no one to confirm or refute it, since almost the entire culture of pre-Columbian America was destroyed by the conquistadors, who considered Indian gods and spirits to be demons.


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