Unusual Mayan burial site found in Mexico

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(ORDO NEWS) — Another Maya tomb was found in Mexico. It is located near Palenque (Chiapas). Archaeologists say that the remains of two people were found in it. The burial is rather unusual.

Palenque (the ancient name of the city) is one of the most famous that belonged to the Maya.

It was built in the first centuries of our era, and in 490 it became the capital of the Bakal kingdom. Palenque fell into decline in the 8th century, when it was finally abandoned by the inhabitants.

The remains of people found in the cell were buried at different times. This is confirmed by both archaeologists and the carbon analysis conducted by scientists in the laboratory.

In the main burial there was a skeleton, the skull of which was placed in the north direction. The tomb is built of stone slabs.

The remains of the second person are female. She died at the age of 25-28. This burial from the words of scientists is additional.

At the same time, it is still difficult to say whether the bones belong to one woman or there are fragments of other people.

Ceramic dishes were also found in the tomb. It was used for funeral food and drinks. That is, provisions were given to the deceased with them to the next world.

Perhaps from time to time the bowls were filled again and again. The attention of scientists was also attracted by statuettes made of green stone.

Archaeologists say that they are not simple. This is a special implement for burial, which the Maya used in rituals related to the burial of people in the 9th century AD.

At that time, people were buried in temples or houses. For this, separate rooms-cells were made. Now archaeologists continue to explore the tomb.

Scientists regularly conduct research at this place, because Maya is a civilization full of secrets and mysteries. These people led a strange way of life, which is very interesting for the modern world.


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