An unusual court in India: the husband accused his wife of losing 20 kg

(ORDO NEWS) — A man from Hisar, India, filed for divorce. The reason for this was that he lost more than 20 kilograms during his marriage and believes that his wife is to blame for this. He noted that the woman has a very cruel character, which played a major role.

It is reported by the Times of India.

The couple got married in 2012. Together they were engaged in raising their daughter. The man said that his wife did nothing to improve relations with his own relatives. Quite often, there were scandals in their family over various trifles. He felt humiliated, but nevertheless decided to wait for a while and hoped until the last that his wife would change. Years passed, and the woman’s behavior only got worse.

The man began to accuse his wife of excessive cruelty. When he went to court, he indicated in a statement that he had lost 53 kg out of 74 during marriage. He also added that the reason was psychological violence, which his wife had been engaged in all these years.

In turn, the accused does not consider herself guilty. She claims that she fulfilled absolutely all marital duties, loved her husband, respected him, but at the same time did not feel reciprocity.

During the trial, it was established that the woman left her husband in 2016 and then she left his daughter to him, making no further attempts to meet with her. The man’s relatives paid her in full for her studies, and also did not require any dowry from her at all. The woman appealed for the divorce to be overturned, but this request was rejected by the court.


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