An unknown species of fish with scary glowing eyes was found in the marine parks of Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — In October 2022, scientists from the Victoria Museum Research Institute undertook an extensive research tour of two marine parks off the coast of the green continent.

In particular, biologists studied hybrids that arose precisely on the spot and due to the mixing of the waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

In November 2022, the vessel Investigator brought many specimens of previously unknown species to Australia.

Among them was a fish with huge sensory organs and terrible teeth, a blind eel with a luminous tail, and a bat fish with a fishing lure on its snout.

In addition, scientists were able to create an image of a huge seamount, which was previously missing from the map.

It is noted that the research was carried out at depths up to 4800 meters. Previously, such detailed studies were not carried out there, which gave scientists a new subject for discussion.


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