An unknown seven-meter creature washed ashore in Wales

(ORDO NEWS) — On a beach in Wales (UK), locals found something strange that made them wonder about the creatures that live in the sea. So, an unidentified seven-meter monster was discovered.

The creature did not have a head, which made it difficult for all attempts to establish the species. It is possible that the size of this part of the body is even larger. Specialist Matthew Westfield, a member of the cetacean program, noted that the animal was most likely washed ashore at high tide.

On a beach in Wales

At first, the woman who reported the find thought she had stumbled upon a shark. Experts first thought of a whale, but later correlated bone structure and smell. The latter resembled a fish, not marine mammals. Once this point has been established, they too tend to think that a shark has washed ashore.

To accurately tell the type of creation, tissue analysis is needed. This process is not fast, the results will be known later. Netizens are actively discussing the find, it aroused considerable interest.


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