An outbreak of a new dangerous virus in Kazakhstan: more deaths from it than from COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors say that the disease they discovered represents pneumonia of unknown origin.

In Kazakhstan, an outbreak of the disease was recorded, which in many ways resembles pneumonia. For the first time, the disease began to manifest itself in early June and affected residents of several different provinces at once. Experts add that the mortality rate from the new disease is much higher than from the coronavirus.

The Chinese Embassy says that the new virus is much more dangerous. At the moment, specialists are studying the pneumonia virus, but so far the pathogen itself has not been detected.

At the same time, in three provinces at the beginning of last month, foci of an unknown disease were discovered. An interesting fact is that the provinces are located quite far from each other. More than 500 people fell ill in them and 30 of them are currently in a life-threatening condition.

Since the beginning of this year, almost two thousand people have died from pneumonia. Moreover, more than 600 patients died in the past month alone. It is worth noting that not only residents of Kazakhstan itself died, but also visiting citizens of China.

The Chinese Embassy and Kazakhstan itself say that people are affected by an unknown virus that provokes the development of severe pneumonia. Because of this turn of events in the country, they urgently imposed a maximum quarantine of two weeks. It is worth noting that in May quarantine was lifted, but after that the number of infected people began to increase rapidly. In this regard, the authorities again decided to introduce quarantine measures to prevent the disease from spreading around the country with incredible speed.


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