An outbreak of a dangerous virus has been recorded in Spain, which can become a threat to people

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(ORDO NEWS) — One of the mink farms in Spain was hit by H5N1 avian influenza.

The recorded outbreak was called the first case of infection of mammals – in the future it poses a threat to humans, said Spanish epidemiologists and experts representing the World Health Organization.

Over 50,000 minks have been slaughtered in the northwestern region of Spain due to the spread of the infection.

It is reported that all of them were infected with bird flu, and local gulls became the source of the spread.

Experts have conducted several studies and tests. It turns out that the farm employees were not infected with the same pathogen.

However, scientists have no doubt that after some time H5N1 is able to infect humans as well, since it had already been able to penetrate the body of a mammal.

As for a potential new epidemic, it may even be deadlier than the Spanish flu that spread in the late 1910s and claimed the lives of several tens of millions of people.


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