An ordinary run turned into a fatal infection for a woman

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of a small town in Great Britain, Bath went on vacation to the picturesque island of Mallorca. But the rest was ruined by a minor injury. She received a fatal blood poisoning due to a banal fall while jogging. Lubna Trot (that’s the name of the Englishwoman) fell into a coma due to infection.

Reported by Somerset Live.

Lubna Tort rested on the island with her husband and two daughters. The woman got used to an active lifestyle and even on vacation did not stop playing sports. So on the next run she fell and injured her leg. This was the cause of blood poisoning.

In the beginning, the injuries did not seem serious. These were the usual abrasions and scratches. The fall fell on the last days of vacation. Returning to England Lubna Tort felt severe discomfort. Instead of sharing her impressions with friends, the woman was soon hospitalized.

At the hospital, the woman was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. It is a bacterial infection that causes tissue death. Lubna was immediately transferred to the emergency room.

Lubna fell into a coma and spent several days on the verge between life and death. The British woman spent a week in a coma. The danger is over, but now the woman needs to learn to walk again. The surgeons did their best to save the victim’s leg. I had to do two operations and a skin graft to completely remove the infected tissue.


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