An old bottle with a message was found in Detroit during the renovation of the station

(ORDO NEWS) — Amazing items can be found during the renovations and renovations of old buildings. There may be money, jewelry, buttons and a message to future generations. For example, during the renovation of a train station in Detroit, a builder found a 100-year-old bottle in the wall with a note inside.

Reported by the Detroit Free Press.

Now Detroit is actively undergoing renovation work at the central station. This building stood for many years and only in 2008 it was bought by the Ford Motor Company. The company began reconstruction work to restore the station. The building is being completely remodeled, and Ford plans to open a new company capmus there.

During the dismantling of one of the walls, the builders found a beer bottle with a message inside. The glass container was discovered by the master Leo Kimble together with the worker Lucas, they found it completely by accident.

The note indicated the date July 19, 1913, and the names of the two men, Hogan and Smith. Most likely, the message was left by construction workers, because the station itself was opened only on January 4, 1914.

This bottle once contained Straw’s Bohemian beer. And today the find is part of the history of the city and will be transferred to the museum. The fact is that the brewery where this brand of beer was brewed was only 3 miles from the station. It is known that the brewery was founded in 1850 by Bernhard Straw. Bohemian beer received the highest award at the 1893 exhibition in Chicago – the blue ribbon. It was already at the time when the “dry law” was in force, Straw retooled production and began to sell soft drinks.

However, this is not a single find in the station building. Already more than 200 household items have been discovered, but none of them are of great value. The station was very beautiful, it was built in the popular architectural style of that time – the bozar.


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