An invasion of cockroaches awaits in February

(ORDO NEWS) — Cockroach activity is expected to peak in Russia in February. This was reported by Svetlana Roslavtseva, head of the laboratory for disinsection problems at the Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor. In an interview with Sputnik radio, she clarified that there are only two such peaks in a year, and one of them is already close.

According to the expert, the activation of insects is associated with the cycle of their reproduction. The second peak of their activity is expected in summer.

“Cockroaches need places where there is water to lay their eggs. The average development time for such eggs is about three months, depending on the temperature,” Roslavtseva explained.

Therefore, to protect the apartment from the invasion of these insects, you need to close their way to the bathroom and kitchen. Cockroaches love moisture and warmth, so they will go there first. To protect against them, you should install mesh on the ventilation holes.

The specialist also identified the main problem in the fight against cockroaches. The fact is that a population of insects that are resistant to insecticides, in particular to pyrethroid, which is most often used for pest control, is gradually forming.

In August 2020, an invasion of giant forage cockroaches in Omsk was reported. A whole colony of insects settled in a hole in the heating main.


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