An epidemic of myopia has begun in the world, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — In the UK, the number of people suffering from myopia is on the rise. Over time, more and more representatives of the adult population complain of vision problems. This was stated by experts from University College London.

They received this information through the analysis of data from the largest biobank in the UK. Information about this study was shared by the publication PLoS ONE.

It is reported that the researchers analyzed the ophthalmological data of more than a hundred thousand people of different ages in the UK. Further, these data were processed, dividing them into groups depending on gender and ethnicity, as well as education.

It was possible to find out that myopia is more common in people born in the late 60s than in those who were born 30 years earlier.

Experts attribute this to a change in diet in childhood, lifestyle changes, a high level of education and frequent use of gadgets.

The researchers also say that one of the reasons for the deterioration of vision may be the influence of the environment and climatic conditions.

The influence of genetic factors cannot be excluded. Experts warn that while maintaining this intensity of education in childhood, the incidence of myopia with an early onset and severe form will rapidly increase.


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