An epidemic of cholera began in Mariupol – the invaders close the city for quarantine

(ORDO NEWS) — Long-suffering Mariupol and its surviving residents are again in great danger. It became known that from June 6, the city is closed for quarantine due to increased cases of cholera.

The reason is the lack of clean drinking water. People are forced to use technical equipment from wells and pumps, and it is all contaminated with cadaveric poison and various infections.

After the Russian troops entered the city, the authorities appointed by them tried to connect the water supply.

But due to the numerous destruction of pipes, the water did not go into the taps, but into the streets and courtyards, washing the hastily buried bodies of civilians to the surface.

So many graves were immediately opened that the services did not have time to clean them up, they began to take them to one of the destroyed supermarkets, which became another hotbed of infection. There is a terrible smell in the city.

Now, in suburban settlements, several huge trenches have been dug by excavators, where people are buried in mass graves, without even trying to somehow identify the dead.

Then there was a second attempt to start the water supply, but again the streets and courtyards were flooded with water.

And the ensuing heat aggravated the situation – hordes of insects were added to the rapidly developing infection – flies, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, spreading the infection everywhere.

The occupying authorities hide the number of cases of cholera, but we are talking about dozens of cases, for whom there is nothing to treat.

Information is coming from Russia that closed infectious diseases departments are urgently being created in border cities to treat Russian soldiers who come from Mariupol. There are also cases of dysentery.


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