An epidemic of another deadly disease begins in India

(ORDO NEWS) — India is facing a dire situation due to the coronavirus. Doctors cannot cope with the number of cases. The situation was aggravated by a new pandemic of a rare infectious disease called mucormycosis. Already 6 people have died from the infection. All infected people have suffered a coronavirus before.

The BBC reports.

Mucormycosis is popularly called “black mold”. Doctors from Mumbai suggest that steroid treatment for coronavirus may have been the cause of the infection. Steroids are used to treat patients with severe Covid-19. Such medications impair immunity, making the body more vulnerable to other infections.

Mucormycosis occurs on average two weeks after recovery from coronavirus. If earlier there were no more than 1-2 such cases a year, now this figure is ten times higher. People with this infection often have to have their eyes removed.

The only effective medication is very expensive, almost $ 50. And it needs to be taken daily for 8 weeks. The state simply does not have such money.

The second wave of Covid-19 led to such a difficult epidemiological situation. India survived the first wave more calmly. The WHO is convinced that the low level of vaccination is one of the reasons for such a high level of mortality and infection.


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