An eight-year-old girl contacted the astronauts on the ISS using an amateur radio station

(ORDO NEWS) — Isabella Payne, from Kent, UK, used her father’s amateur radio station to contact the ISS and speak with NASA astronaut Kell Lindgren. The conversation lasted 45 seconds.

“Welcome to the International Space Station,” Kell Lindgren greeted Isabella Payne. In less than a minute, the girl managed to say how old she was and wish her a safe flight.

Big dream

Eight-year-old Isabella Payne has long dreamed of talking to a real astronaut. It turned out that there was also a radio transmitter aboard the ISS, similar to the one that her father had built himself.

It was a real success. After all, we managed to contact someone outside the Earth for the first time using my amateur radio station.

Before that, we only communicated with those who are now on the planet said the girl’s father Matt Payne.

He shared an audio recording of the conversation and noted that there is a whole set of specific circumstances that must match in order for the connection to be established, and this time it worked out.

It’s a bit of knowledge, but mostly pure luck, ” the man said, answering questions on Twitter about how his radio connected to the International Space Station.

  • Astronaut Kell Lindgren, whom Isabella managed to contact, is on board the station for the second time
  • Before that, he was there in 2015, and in total he spent more than 15 hours in outer space
  • He has been with NASA since 2009


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