An Earth-like planet has been found 12 light years from us

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(ORDO NEWS) — In space, just 12 light years from Earth, there is another planet that is very similar to ours. An interesting fact is that it emits signals in the form of magnetic fields.

This is the first time that astronomers have discovered the existence of a magnetic field outside the solar system.

For example, a similar magnetic field protects our Earth from external space threats: solar coronal bursts, asteroids, etc.

It turns out that a similar planet has the same field, which works according to a similar principle.

American scientists named the planet YZ CETI b, it belongs to the class of exoplanets. It was discovered using the Very Large Array radio telescope.

Astronomers say that the presence of a magnetic field could be proof that a nearby planet could also have life.

YZ Ceti B is also known to have a small orbit. It makes one revolution around its star in just 48 Earth hours.

It is known that the planet is at a close distance to its star. Therefore, it is unlikely that animals can live on it and plants can grow.

However, such proximity affects the temperature on the surface of YZ Ceti B. But some simple organisms can live in its depths.

Another mystery on this planet remains under the question mark. It is known that the magnetic field is the cause of the northern lights on Earth.

But whether there are such phenomena 12 light years from us on YZ Ceti b is still unknown. Sebastian Pineda from Colorado State University in Boulder, USA is sure that they (the glow) are definitely there.


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