An astronomical camera recorded a UFO over Houston, US

(ORDO NEWS) — The astronomical camera, which is used to record meteorite incidence, installed in Houston, Texas, USA, recorded very interesting events on May 27, 2020, and these were not meteorites.

A blinking object appeared in the sky, which stood in one place and blinked with a certain amplitude. Then the amplitude of the flashes of light changed and the object quickly moved along a straight path.

After that, having stood in one place, he changed the direction of movement at a right angle and after flying some distance stopped again.

After that, having made a small change in the angle of the flight path, he again moved, stopped and finally visually gaining great speed disappeared from the camera’s field of view.

In the video on the right is the surface of the earth, where the lights of Houston and the plane flying over it are visible. flashes of thunderstorm activity are also visible in the sky.

UFOs are high in the sky, most likely in high orbit. This video is especially valuable because neither satellites, nor the ISS, nor any other human technology device flying in low or high orbit is able to stand in one place, and even more so fly freely changing the direction of motion at will by at least 90 degrees.

May 27, 2020 Houston, Texas. Time: 21:32

Interestingly, this same UFO appeared on the same stretch of sky a little earlier at 21.19 just as it appeared in the sky and looked like a bright star, but blinking. Then he suddenly jumped up, sharply picked up speed and went beyond visibility. And later at 21.32 he reappeared and flew off in a different direction with a constant change of course.

May 27, 2020 Houston, Texas. Time: 21:19


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