An asteroid is flying towards Earth at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — A potentially dangerous object is moving towards our planet. A huge asteroid will approach the Earth closer to Christmas Eve, which is why astronomers have nicknamed it “Christmas”.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said that this asteroid is called 2015 RN35. Its size is 140 meters.

According to NASA standards, such huge objects are potentially dangerous. And this means that in the event of a collision with the earth, catastrophes of a planetary scale may occur.

The speed of the asteroid is also significant, approximately 21 thousand km/h. Astronomers have long been watching this object and calculating its trajectory.

According to their calculations, 2015 RN35 will approach the Earth at a distance of 680 thousand km.

According to safety protocols, if an object approaches the Earth by 7.5 million km, it is classified as potentially dangerous.

What it consists of is still unknown. The orbit along which it rushes is very poorly studied.

Therefore, it is really difficult to calculate the exact trajectory. Fortunately, he has been in the field of observation for a long time.

Experts claim that their calculations are correct and there is nothing to be afraid of. Of course, you want to willingly believe them, and not become victims of a post-apocalyptic plot.

ESA says that people who have a telescope at home will be able to see this giant. It can even be photographed.

On December 19, as we move away from the Earth, there is an opportunity to contemplate one of the potential threats to humanity.

The surprises from space do not end there.

Already on December 14, two more asteroids will fly past the planet, but they are much smaller than this one. One of them is only 26 meters long, and the second is 22 meters.


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