An asteroid is approaching the Earth, capable of destroying humanity

(ORDO NEWS) — The asteroid, code-named 231937 (2001 FO32), is flying straight towards Earth at a speed of 34.4 km / s. The diameter of the rock is at least one kilometer.

NASA specialists have determined the flight path. So, the asteroid will pass us at a distance of 5.3 LD. 1 LD corresponds to the distance from the Earth to the Moon. At the moment, there is no reason for panic, scientists say.

Despite the reassurances, astronomers classified the body as potentially dangerous. This information may indicate that in the future, when the asteroid is again near the Earth, it will fly closer. Perhaps the distance is too short, a fall will follow.

The flight path depends on many factors, including the gravitational influence of other bodies.

The death of humanity and all living things is possible with sufficient dimensions of the rock. One kilometer is no longer just a big pebble, but a very large one. In the event of a fall, we should expect a real catastrophe on a global scale. So far, nothing threatens our planet.


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