An artifact over 3,000 years old reveals the whereabouts of Noah’s ark

(ORDO NEWS) — Every inhabitant of the Earth probably knows the story of the global flood, since it is described not only in the Bible. For 150 days, almost the entire land was under water, the planet was “cleaned up”.

The Bible says that God commissioned Noah to create a huge ship that can hold a pair of each animal. According to many contemporaries, Noah is a fictional character, and the flood itself never happened. Then the question arises: why in the countries of the Middle East there are also legends similar to the biblical story?

The linguist Irwin Finkel, after solving an ancient puzzle, came to the conclusion that the ark stopped at Mount Ararat, which is also a volcano. This point is described both in the Bible and in other sources.

The Babylonian tablet Simmonds, created 3700 years ago, will probably help to finally resolve the issue with the biblical legend. It includes 60 lines of text and describes an incident when a man named Atrahasis learned about the conspiracy of the gods to inundate territories. He made the decision to build a huge ark. The ship, when the elements calmed down, docked at Mount Ararat, near the eastern border of modern Turkey.

According to Tom Meyer, a professor at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, scientists have explored the area around the volcano more than once, but have found nothing. The study of Ararat continues, perhaps some debris can still be found. The tablet, like the Bible, points exactly to this mountain.


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