An anomalous phenomenon was observed in the sky over Samara

(ORDO NEWS) — Footage of an unusual phenomenon appeared on social networks. A bright light flashed in the night sky of Samara. Residents wonder what it was.

According to the author of the post, two bright flashes with a vertical luminous beam first occurred in the sky near the Falcon Mountains. Then – rising clouds of smoke and a strange, not too loud rumble.

In the comments, a competition immediately broke out for the most ingenious assumption from the arrival of aliens and experiments to change the earth’s orbit to the invasion of reptilians.

By the way, the UFO version is the most popular among local residents. Someone turns to science and reassures the rest, claiming that these are just high-altitude lightning – sprites.

But on the other hand, the answer can be much simpler – signal flares, which just emit a characteristic hum and attract attention with bright flashes.

Meanwhile, we turn to the stars not only in search of alien life, but also for answers to our questions. Astrologers have named the TOP 5 signs of the zodiac who are lucky in the fall of 2022. Maybe luck is on your side?

But there are other ways to get the answers you need. For example, pay attention to what the body says: Samarans were told about 7 signs indicating serious health problems.

It is all the more important to pay attention to this in anticipation of a change of season, a cold snap and an approaching magnetic storm, when you should be especially careful.


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