An ancient ring was found in Israel, which depicts Saint Nicholas

(ORDO NEWS) — In Israel, archaeologists have demonstrated a unique find that they managed to find several years ago. This is an ancient ring that depicts Saint Nicholas. This is a righteous man who became the prototype of Santa Claus and Santa Claus.

The Israel Antiquities Authority reported that this incredibly rare ancient artifact was discovered a couple of years ago by a gardener named Dekel Ben Shitrit. He found the ring in the Jezreel Valley. The ministry stressed that they had not seen anything like this before on the territory of Israel.

The bronze artifact was made in the Middle Ages, so it has been preserved in a fairly good condition. To date, the restorers have done a pretty good job on it. They were able to clear the adornment from plaque, which hid the image of a bald man holding a stick in his hands. Experts have suggested that this is a special bishop’s staff.

Dr. Yana Chekhanovets, who is an expert in Byzantine archeology, this person represents Saint Nicholas, who became the prototype of the modern Father Frost. Experts suggest that this ring came to Israel from Russia, where Saint Nicholas is very much revered.

In the Eastern Christian world, it was Saint Nicholas who was the patron saint of pilgrims. Many Christian pilgrims who came to Israel from different countries had with them special icons depicting a righteous man. They believed that such icons could protect them from trouble on the road. Perhaps the ring belonged to one of the many pilgrims.

Earlier we wrote that a ritual dump was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Archaeologists from Poland are conducting research at the Temple of Hatshepsut, which is located in Luxor. It consists of a chapel carved right into the rock in honor of the goddess Hathor about 3.5 millennia ago. In the 19th century, scientists also managed to find the tomb of the early Middle Kingdom, which was piled up with a huge amount of rock debris. This caused the investigation of the tomb to be postponed.

And also recall that in Israel, at the bottom of the sea, they found a ring with the image of Jesus Christ. Some time ago, marine archaeologists discovered a huge variety of ancient artifacts near the shores of Caesarea. Some of the discovered items date back to the third century.


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