An ancient amulet that protected from evil spirits was found in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — The estimated age of the amulet is 1500 years. The amulet depicts a rider on a horse. He swings and throws a spear at the Demon Woman (Gello). The rider defeating evil symbolizes protection from the attack of demons. This amulet protected its owner from evil spirits.

Reported by The Sun.

A valuable find was discovered by a resident of the village of Arbel. This settlement was mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The valuable amulet was handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority. Now it is being actively investigated. After studying, the copy will be in the Israel Museum.

The find was dated 5-6 centuries AD. The amulet was compared to other pendants of those times. They were all found in ancient Galilee and Lebanon. People wore such amulets to protect themselves from the dark forces.

Gello is a demon who took a child from a pregnant woman, provoking a miscarriage, infant death and even infertility. The amulet protected young women and pregnant women. They also wore a pendant to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Also, the name of the god Yahweh was inscribed on the amulet. On the other side there is an eye with an arrow, a pair of lions, a snake, a bird, a scorpion and the inscription “One God”. It belongs to the group of protective amulets, there are 5 or 6 types in total.


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