An American has created an “alien” sports car

(ORDO NEWS) — Who said passion for cars and love for space can’t go together?

Mike from Sebastian (Florida, USA) showed off one of his unique projects: a car that is both super fast and incredibly cool. After all, the creator wanted it to look like a spaceship.

Mike has a large family, but as it turns out, most sports cars don’t have enough room in the back to accommodate his new family members. Therefore, the man decided to eliminate this problem.

Mike has been building cars for 14 years. When creating this model, he decided to express his love for space and make something really futuristic. It took him 2500 hours to build a new version of the car.

The end result is an automatic “out-of-this-world vehicle” (ETV) with a 2.2 L, 260 horsepower engine. The car is 5m long and looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie.

“It’s a completely different world when you’re in a car like that, no one can believe it’s a real car!” Mike explained.


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