An American found an unusual snake with two heads

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Nebraska found an unusual snake with two heads. A reptile with a rare mutation looks simply disgusting, like a monster from horror movies.

Such animals can be found infrequently. Mutant snakes rarely survive in the wild. Most often, any deviations lead to death immediately after the reptile hatches from the egg.

The man’s name is Joshua Marshall, he lives in Clay Center. He found a two-headed snake in the yard of his house. Joshua was tidying up the yard and decided to clear the bushes, remove fallen leaves, old logs.

And now, under an old piece of wood, he saw something unusual, similar to two snakes. The man looked closely and understood: two heads and one body. At first, I thought that the snake might be poisonous, but I understood from the color that it was a snake.

What struck the man the most was that the snake had two heads. Joshua caught the reptile and put it in a jar. First, he showed the find to his bride.

But she suggested not to release the snake, but to contact the nature protection service. They found contacts on the Internet and called the State Parks and Wildlife Service to tell them about the find.

At first they didn’t believe it when they heard the story about the two-headed snake: alive and big. The dispatcher thought it was a children’s prank, but sent a car with experts just in case. After some time, they came to Joshua’s house and took away a rare specimen.

Serpentologist Dennis Ferraro studied the snake. Professor Ferraro, who specializes in reptiles and has devoted his entire life to studying them, said that such mutations occur due to the wrong code during embryonic development.

This is the first time he saw a two-headed snake alive with his own eyes during his years of work. Most often, baby snakes die immediately after hatching from the egg. The fact that this snake has grown is a real miracle of nature.


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