An American caught an underwater monster while fishing in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) — The oceans hide so many creatures that an ordinary person cannot imagine. In other respects, this is even good, because the awareness of the existence of underwater monsters excites the mind. A resident of America showed his catch to the whole world, scaring many netizens.

Nate Iszak is a professional fisherman, so he regularly goes somewhere in the distance in the hope of catching someone special. Once again, the catch really surprised the man, but one cannot say that he was delighted. So, a deep-sea monster – a wolf eel – fell for the bait.

The creature was caught in Alaska. It can reach a length of two meters, has rather sharp teeth, but it does not attack people. An eel can only bite painfully if you bring your hand or other part of your body to it.

When the man realized that he was not dragging another fish, he was not frightened. Nate already had a similar experience: he had previously caught eels, but not so big and scary. Wolf eels are nocturnal animals, so they hide in gorges during the day. Creatures eat shellfish, sea urchins, etc.

The photo session of the fisherman and the deep-sea monster was very careful to avoid unpleasant consequences. After several successful shots, the eel was released back into the sea.


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