An American ate raw meat and eggs for 80 days and spoke about the consequences

(ORDO NEWS) — The American decided to experiment and began to eat raw meat and eggs.

A resident of California, USA, gave up veganism, decided to experiment on himself and began to eat raw meat and eggs. LADbible writes about the consequences of his decision.

The man created an Instagram account dedicated to the experiment. In the profile description, he revealed that he plans to eat raw meat until he dies of infection.

“Let’s see how long I live: five days or 500 days,” he said. The first post in the account appeared on November 23, 2021.
In the last publication, the American said that the 80th day of his experiment had begun. In the footage, he chews raw fish.

The man said that one day he decided to change his diet because he did not feel the energy from food. His condition worsened, he believes, from semi-finished products. Then the American became a vegan for almost 10 years, and after that he decided to switch to raw meat.

According to him, interest in such an experience appeared after he thought about why only people prepare food before eating, while other living beings do not.

The man admitted that at first a sharp change in diet caused “serious health problems”, but now he feels great and is confident that now everything he eats is accurately absorbed by his body.

From time to time, the experimenter gets tired of the monotony of the diet and dilutes it with a burrito.


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