An amateur archaeologist has found gold coins from the time of Julius Caesar in Britain

(ORDO NEWS) — In many countries instrumental search for amateurs is prohibited. This is due to the destruction of the cultural layer by unprofessional search engines. But in Britain it is officially allowed, so there often smiles on amateurs luck.

George Ridway, whose hobby is archeology, spotted a field in satellite images that seemed promising to him. He went there with a metal detector, and after a while discovered artifacts made of precious metals from the time of Julius Caesar.

Ridway, who is a fan of Indiana Jones, spoke about his discovery to professionals, and excavations continued at a deeper level, under the supervision of specialists.

In total, field work took about three months, and as a result, 748 gold and silver coins were found, which experts dated – 41-54 years of our era. At that time, the emperor Claudius ruled the Roman Empire.

“It is unusual to combine Roman coins, minted shortly before the Roman conquest of Britain, with money that was in use among the Celtic peoples,” said Eleanor Guay, an employee of the museum where the treasure is being examined.

George Ridway himself said that he managed to find some other artifacts at this place, and he believes that there was some kind of small settlement there, about which no data has been preserved. The amateur hopes that he will be able to explore the settlement by joining a team of professional explorers.


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