An abnormally light “Jupiter” was discovered by astronomers

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have confirmed the existence of a new exoplanet. It is similar to Jupiter, but its mass is three times smaller. The results of the study are published on the preprint site

Using NASA‘s Transiting Exoplanet Exploration Satellite (TESS), an international team of astronomers has discovered a new world the size of Jupiter.

It was named TOI-3757 b. This object is slightly larger than our gas giant, but three times lighter than the largest planet in the solar system.

The radius of TOI-3757 b is about 1.09 that of Jupiter, and the mass is about 0.268 that of the gas giant. The density of the object is only 0.27 g/cm³.

This makes it the lowest density planet orbiting a red dwarf. The exoplanet orbits its host every 3.44 days at a distance of about 0.038 AU. from a star.

The equilibrium temperature of this alien world is estimated at 759 K. It is located at a distance of 578 light years from Earth.

Trying to explain the low density of TOI-3757 b, the authors of the article propose two most plausible hypotheses.

It is possible that the low metallicity of the parent star caused the gas accretion to be delayed before the protoplanetary disk dissipated and made TOI-3757 b so light. Either the low density appeared due to a special mechanism of evolution and tidal heating of the object.


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