An abnormal gap detected in the Earth’s protective field

(ORDO NEWS) — ESA satellite data from satellites was able to reveal what has never been observed before. And this discovery can be very disturbing. This is an abnormal gap in the Earth‘s magnetic field, which was discovered by orbiting satellites.

Over the past 200 years, the magnetic shield that surrounds the Earth has weakened by an average of nine percent. But in general, this was not something out of the ordinary. However, one area, as it turned out, weakened significantly more – the so-called “South Atlantic Anomaly”, a location that stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe.

The Earth’s magnetic field is created by a liquid iron outer core spinning around a solid inner core. Dynamic action creates an invisible field that passes through the north and south of the planet and surrounds it, converging at the poles.

Life on Earth is constantly guarded by a magnetic screen, known as the magnetosphere. It allows you to shelter the planet from deadly radiation from space. In addition, many species of animals, especially birds, have a sense of magnetic poles that allow them to successfully move around the globe during periods of mass migration.

The ESA used the Swarm satellite constellation to detect gaps. A swarm of satellites is designed to determine and accurately measure the various magnetic signals that make up the Earth’s magnetic field. Here’s what he said about this

Jürgen Matska from the German Research Center for Earth Sciences:

“A new eastern minimum of the South Atlantic anomaly has appeared in the last decade and has been expanding rapidly in recent years. We are very lucky that the Swarm satellites are in orbit – this allowed us to track the South Atlantic anomaly. The task now is to understand the processes that occur in the core of the Earth, and lead to such changes.”

Some scientists believe that a weakening of the magnetic field can lead to an inversion of the magnetic pole – a natural phenomenon that was thought to occur every 200,000 to 300,000 years when the north and south poles change places.

It is believed that the last time the poles switched places was 780,000 years ago, which means that this event should have happened a long time ago. When the switchover occurs, the magnetic field strength may decrease by 90 percent over several decades.

However, since people did not exist during the last pole change, it is not yet possible to predict when this will happen and how it will affect life. So far, only one thing is clear with a weakened magnetic shield, the Earth will become more vulnerable to solar storms.


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