Amphibious drone swims under water, flies above water

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(ORDO NEWS) —  Scientists from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) have developed a quadcopter

capable of not only flying, but also moving underwater.

Amphibious drone swims under water flies above water 2

Loon Copter (“duck helicopter”) looks like a regular quadcopter and can both land on water and dive to depth using a ballast filled with water.

The prototype amphibious quadcopter, created in 2016, is able to dive several meters into the water and move with the help of four propellers.

Amphibious drone swims under water flies above water 3 1

At the same time, Loon Copter is equipped with a waterproof camera that takes high-quality photos and transmits real-time video to the operator.

Such a drone can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, the developers plan to adapt the device for search and rescue operations and inspection of various underwater objects.


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