Among 10 million stars, not a single signal was found indicating an extraterrestrial civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — Having comprehensively studied the region of the starry sky in the region of the constellation Sails, Australian astronomers have not recorded a single hint of low-frequency radio signals from hypothetical alien civilizations. In total, scientists have studied a section of the sky with more than 10 million stars, as well as 75 exoplanets.

The results of a new large-scale study are published in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia. The constellation Vela, or in Russian Sails, refers to the southern hemisphere of the sky. Its southern border runs along the stellar regions of the Milky Way. It covers an area of ​​499.6 square degrees and contains 195 stars visible to the naked eye, as well as millions of those that cannot be seen without a telescope.

The observations were carried out at the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) observatory in Australia. As a result, scientists from the Curtin University of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) (Australia) have not identified a single low-frequency radio signal that could belong to an extraterrestrial civilization.

In this work, signals from six exoplanets were studied. If you add the results of two past studies by the same scientists, the astronomers “checked” for signals from a total of 75 known exoplanets. And yet they found nothing.

Similar results were shown by an analysis of the calculation of the upper limits of the effective isotropic-emitted power of more than 10 million stars in the constellation Sails. Such an extensive survey of the sky, according to scientists, became the largest in the framework of the project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence – SETI.

Thus, astronomers warn that the project still has a very long way to go, and such results do not disappoint them, since they show how easy it is to search for alien intelligence almost by accident, exploring other astrophysical phenomena.

Moreover, people, in fact, do not know what technology an extraterrestrial civilization can develop – as a model, science can only be based on its own technologies. In addition, astronomers “considered” only about 10 million stars, and in the Milky Way, according to various estimates, there are from 100 to 400 billion.


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