America’s oldest city could be destroyed by farmers

(ORDO NEWS) — The city of Caral in Peru is considered the oldest in America. However, it may soon be destroyed by people who illegally settled on its territory.

The consequences of the pandemic continue to affect the lives of people around the world, this time the coronavirus has affected the world heritage

The ruins of the city of Caral are 5,000 years old, but the oldest archaeological site in America is under threat from squatters (farmers who illegally seized land) who claim that the coronavirus pandemic has left them no choice but to occupy the holy city.

The situation is overshadowed by the fact that at the moment the archaeologist Ruth Shady lives near the city, who discovered the ruins of the city several decades ago. The thing is that the squatters are unhappy with such a neighborhood and constantly threaten Shady, once, they even threatened her with death.

Mass colonization of the land began back in March, when the government announced a quarantine. People came to the city and began to breed various crops (beans, avocados, fruits), which, according to experts, could jeopardize the artifacts of 5,000 years ago.

However, for squatters, it makes no difference where to start breeding a farm. According to Shady, these people do not care that the inhabitants of Karal were contemporaries of the Egyptian pharaohs, just as they do not care that they might be arrested.

“We explained to them that this site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and what they are doing is a serious crime and could lead them to go to jail,” archaeologists say.

Caral was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. At the beginning of the pandemic, the city was closed, but now tourists can come there, buying a ticket for only $ 3. Unfortunately, during the quarantine, the city was damaged, as the locals managed to plunder it. In July, police arrested two people for partially destroying an object containing mummies and ceramics. However, what awaits the city further, no one knows, since every day more and more illegal settlers come to its territory.


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