America’s “Dark Age”

(ORDO NEWS) — American Thinker analyzes the situation in the United States – rising inflation, shortages of certain goods, the failure of energy policy, migration that threatens the country. The author calls it America’s “Dark Age” and blames Biden, Democrats and Globalists. If the country does not wake up, it faces an era of genocide and slavery, he writes.

America has changed radically, and not for the better.

In 2022, America internally split and became poorer. Our personal safety and the safety of our children are at greater risk than ever.

Racism is rampant in the country. It is not only accepted in society, but also welcomed. Through Critical Race Theory, schools teach children to hate anyone who looks different, feel guilty if they are white, or feel empowered if they are not white.

Babies barely out of diapers are taught to ask questions about their gender before they even know what sex is.

Our southern border does not exist, and politicians do not want to do anything about it. Illegal aliens poured in there in a stormy stream, and demand – as if it were their God-given right – support and acceptance into our society. If they are intercepted by the border patrol, they receive medical attention and free transport to any place they please to name. Without background checks, security checks, or anything other than a basic medical examination, they are handed papers inviting them to appear at an asylum hearing in the distant future. Then they are released.

Of course, no one will ever show up for this hearing. They will stay in our country and get driver’s licenses, de facto voting rights, social security cards, housing and free medical care. And it’s all at the expense of taxpayers. And this happened even before the repeal of the notorious Section 42 by the Democrats . And what will happen next?

Thus, floodgates are opened, exponentially exacerbating the problem and increasing the cost of solving it.

Illegal children fill our schools, slowing down the learning process because they are taught English just enough to be able to do their homework at the expense of American children.

With illegal immigrants, a river of drugs flows into our country. Every five minutes, one person in America dies from fentanyl. But our government is doing nothing. Our politicians ignore it. It simply does not exist, there is no such problem.

The supermarket shelves are empty. Parents can’t find infant formula. Many other everyday goods are also unavailable. Due to the lack of fertilizers, our farmers cannot grow conventional crops.

In 2020 and 2021, COVID disrupted the supply chain. And what about 2022? Because COVID is under control. Why, then, are the store shelves still empty?
Under President Trump, annual inflation was 1.36%.

Since Biden took office, inflation has literally exploded. From January to November 2021, it jumped to almost 7.5%.

As of April 2022, inflation is 8.4%. Although this is about 1% below the March high, we are 7% higher than we were just fifteen short months ago. American families are forced to make a difficult choice: fill up a tank of gas to drive to work, or eat something for lunch.

The Federal Reserve raised the discount rate by half a percentage point, with the possibility of further increases. Now a loan with an annual interest rate of 18%, adjusted to 18.5%, means that for every dollar you owe, you will be charged an additional $0.155 per month. For a hundred dollars, that’s $1.55. From a thousand – 15.50 dollars. If you have $10,000 or more in debt, that’s $155 a month more than you used to pay, and every month that you can’t afford to pay off the interest on the loan, it will increase.

The national average for gasoline is about $4.30 per gallon , $1.37 more than last year. Anyone working on a $15 hourly wage would have to work nearly five hours (after taxes) to buy ten gallons of gasoline.

In California, the average price of regular gasoline is $5.22. In Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, prices are already up to $6 or so ($1.58 higher than in May 2021). In these regions, $15 an hour requires more than eight hours of work to buy ten gallons of gasoline.

Higher gas prices are a direct result of Joe Biden’s announcement on his first day in office that Americans would halt new well drilling, oil production, and the XL pipeline. Instead of lifting these measures now and helping the Americans, he and his administration are stubbornly refusing to do so.

They can’t allow oil drilling and oil production in America because it gets in the way of their green agenda.

They lie about it. “We have issued more lease agreements for oil-bearing areas!” they shout, glossing over the fact that without drilling permits and the lifting of restrictive environmental regulations, these leases are worth nothing. Without permits, oil producers cannot drill. If all established rules are followed in oil production in America, then the cost of this production will become prohibitive. Drilling new wells will not bring any profit.

Under Biden, overland, rather than pipeline, became the only way to ship oil to refineries. Since the cost of diesel fuel is about $6 per gallon, this is costly for truckers. As a result of all this, food prices are rising so fast.

The Democrats are stuffing their Green Agenda down our throats and burdening us with its costs.

The Biden administration is well aware that renewable energy sources have not yet been able to fill the gap between fossil fuels and our country’s energy needs. Just look at California and Texas in this context. However, the administration is forcing us all to follow this path. At the same time, all the negative consequences of the thoughtless use of solar panels and wind turbines are completely ignored.

All this begs the question: what are we being prepared for? Are we being boiled like a cauldron full of frogs?

The “Great Reset” is becoming a reality. Behind this are Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum in Davos. The “Great Swabian Reset” today is already directly linked to the UN 2030 Agenda.

At first glance, this all seems harmless. However, careful and critical examination reveals the evil inherent in this mad scientist’s plan. There are increasing signs all around us that this evil, anti-social, anti-social movement is in the making.

The Canadian government is currently encouraging people to euthanasia, part of the depopulation project from the Great Reset and the UN 2030 Agenda, along with widespread starvation (think of the prices of baby food and fertilizer).

The opening of national borders also falls under this agenda of rampant globalization, as the 2030 Agenda calls for the merger of nation states and the abolition of state sovereignties.

Gender equality is another of Schwab’s goals. Thus, his “Great Reset” will give us transgender and “correct sex education” for our children.

Wasn’t there a wonderful coincidence between Schwab’s Event 201 project in October 2019, a “armchair exercise” that revolved around a “hypothetical” SARS-COV outbreak, and the real-life COVID-19 pandemic in 2020? The draconian lockdown measures due to COVID have weakened or destroyed many of the world’s economies and pushed the poor further into poverty, while the rich have become even richer.

Digital currencies, as required by the World Economic Forum’s next plan, is the next major shift. Digital money, characterized as “freedom from cash”, is nothing but a new form of enslavement.

If no one has cash and we all rely on binary code in some sort of virtual “account”, the government has absolute power over us. If we do as it tells us, pressing some button by them adds funds to us, rewarding us. If we rebel or try to stand up for basic fundamental rights – as happened in Canada during the recent uprising against mandatory vaccination – the government will block your account, take your money and leave you with nothing. This is a digitized form of Stalin’s government in the 1930s.

Everything that is happening in America today points directly to these dark lessons of the past.
If we don’t change our course quickly, then America, along with the rest of the world, will be doomed to a long, possibly centuries-long “Dark Age” of enslavement and genocide at the whim of our current rulers, Klaus Schwab and his ilk.


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