Americans due to the crisis switched to artificial meat

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Against the backdrop of the meat crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Americans were forced to switch to artificial meat, which costs more than usual. This is written by Wired.

According to Nielsen, between February 2 and May 2, 2020, sales of alternative meat increased by 264 percent. This is due to the suspension of large meat processing plants, interruptions in supplies, a shortage of natural meat and rising prices for it.

Beyond Meat, a herbal meat producer, said sales in the first quarter were up more than 50 percent this year from last year. Another market player, Impossible Foods, notes that since the beginning of the year, the number of retail outlets has grown 18 times.

Companies can stop production at any time or, conversely, increase its volumes. Unlike farmers, who have to wait until their animals grow enough. In addition, a spokesperson for Beyond Meat says 99 percent less land and 93 percent less water are needed to make one hamburger.

American farmers are forced to kill healthy pigs or put them on a diet so that they grow slowly. Many large factories of the country suspended their work due to a pandemic, and there was nowhere to send meat.


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