Americans are 3D printing firearms and then selling them through a buyback program

(ORDO NEWS) — Law enforcement officers from the United States report an unpleasant trend observed in some states.

People have begun to 3D print pistols and shotguns and then sell them through a gun buyback program.

Several such stories happened this summer in Texas, South Carolina and New York (state). Owners of 3D printers printed weapons themselves at home and submitted them to a buyback program to earn money.

What’s happening

I know that in Utica, New York, Houston, Texas, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, 3D-printed guns have been submitted to a gun buyback program, says Robert Swenshkowski, Deputy Sheriff of Oneida County in New York.

One person, who identified himself only as Cam, admitted to having 3D-printed over 100 guns to donate to New York State’s gun buyback program. He received $21,000 for his efforts, which was paid out to him in $500 gift cards.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the man known as Cam was indeed using the program.

Also a professor at the University of Utica, notes that no one yet knows what to do with this loophole, which is being used in other parts of the country.

The deputy says people like Cam should be prosecuted for fraud, but he admits that changing the terms of the buyback program, which now works without question, could affect its effectiveness.


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