American woman was found lost in the woods six months ago

(ORDO NEWS) — In November 2020, a 47-year-old tourist went missing in a forest in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. For almost half a year, the rescue teams did not stop searching for the missing. And finally she was found alive.

This is reported by Unilad.

Last November, US Forest Service officials found a car at a Diamond Fork camping site.

Rescuers found camping equipment on the spot. By the number of the car it was possible to establish the identity of the missing person. She turned out to be a 47-year-old American. Her name and surname were not disclosed. The woman is now undergoing a medical examination.

Detectives and rescuers were looking for the woman unsuccessfully all this time. But on May 2, during another search operation, they found her. The hermit was found with the help of a drone, which was launched to comb the location. The drone crashed in the area where the lost American woman was.

The American woman was emaciated, looked tired, but her resourcefulness can really be envied. She took drinking water from the river, fed on moss, herbs and berries. She also had some food supplies with her.

It is highly likely that such a lifestyle is a deliberate choice of the hermit. If, after the examination, she wants to continue living in the forest, no one can forbid her.


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